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The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

Dec 22, 2014

The podcast is back!
After 9 months of absence, I’m back!  With a new shiny intro jingle too! 
Where have I been?
Well, creating a new little human being! My pregnancy was pretty horrific in the early days. Horrid hormones combined with utter exhaustion meant that I had to put the podcast on hold, but now my little daughter Sofia is in her 3rd month on planet Earth, I’m back.
I today’s show I share a bit more about what I’ve been up since I’ve been gone, and how I’m going to share all the head trash related stuff with you in the coming year.
My second pregnancy and childbirth experience has enabled me to road test lots of ways of reducing our symptoms, fears, and stresses. I will be sharing what I’ve learned with you so that (if you’re pregnant) you can benefit from it to. 
Corporate life
I spent some time back in the corporate world where all around me people were super stressed and overworked. Not only was I approached quite a bit by others who needed my help just to get though the day, but I also used it on myself as I had to deal with challenging interactions and situations. I’ll be sharing more of this too. 
FAQ series
I’ve also launched a series of FAQ podcasts, helping you to use our 5 Steps to Clearing Head Trash process by answering some go the FAQs that come my way. The ones that you can already hear are 
  • What do you mean by “do the opposite”?
  • Why am I rating myself out of 10?
  • What happens if I only lower my score to a 4/5/6?
  • Is there a quick emergency version?


And that’s it for this week - until next time!!