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The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

Jan 30, 2014

I'm guessing that most of us started the year by setting ourselves some goals or intentions that are ultimately there to help us to get nearer to having a healthy body or a healthy mind.

Is that you?

As you crawl out of January, I'd be happy to bet that you probably find yourself in one of two camps

  • you've already...

Jan 23, 2014

If I told you that laughing was good for your health and wellbeing, would you believe me?

Over the years there has been countless research to back this up and a quick Google search leads me to this recent article in The Telegraph that states

"A study at Oxford University in 2011 found that laughter increases our pain...

Jan 16, 2014

Goal setting rocks... yes it does! At least, it does when it's done right.

So I started 2014 with a podcast that some in the personal development industry might describe as controversial, but I think it's important for us to be aware of both side of the story when it comes to goals and goal setting. When done badly,...

Jan 9, 2014

Is it it hard for you to find motivation to exercise?

Don't we all? I certainly do. But it's at this time of year that it's at the front of our minds. We've just come out of the holiday season and more than likely we've eaten far more that we should have done, and probably drank a little bit more than we should...

Jan 3, 2014

What are your goals for 2014?

Yes! It's that time of year when you can't swipe your tablet without stumbling on yet another blog post encouraging you to set your new year's resolutions for 2014.

But what if I told you that goals suck? And... that they could seriously mess you up?

Well they can! Goals can make us strive...