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The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

Jan 30, 2015

In this week's podcast I bring you the Brain Stare, the EASIEST technique EVER to clear your stress, fears, negative emotions, traumas... in fact anything negative that's impacting your head space.

Chris Milbank, the founder of Reflective Repatterining, the technique that is behind our 5 steps to clearing your head...

Jan 23, 2015

As we start the new year, it can be tempting to reinvent ourselves on some level. The new year is always a time for new starts and fresh thinking. We might not need to turn our lives upside down, but we can’t help trying to inject a bit of life into what we do. Sounds like the perfect time for spot of reinvention!


Jan 16, 2015

The idea of being able to reduce pain with your mind was not something that came to me until last year when I was pregnant. Faced with my second childbirth experience, I was super keen to repeat my first childbirth experience which was pain-free. Worried that it might have been a fluke I didn't want to leave anything...

Jan 8, 2015

Today's FAQ episode: Why rate my head trash out of 10?

Jan 7, 2015

This episode answers the question: What if I still have a score of 4 o5 after doing head trash clearance? Then what?