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The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

Mar 27, 2015

Would you like to know how to sleep better?

That's what I want to help you with and I've got the perfect guest to help me. In today's podcast I'm chatting with Holistic Psychotherapist and Author, Keri Nola. Keri's book 44 holistic tips for peaceful sleep is a real gem if you are looking for ideas on how to sleep...

Mar 20, 2015

Stress is here to stay.

So instead of fighting and resisting it, how about you make stress your friend instead?

I’ve talked about how we can stop those things that normally stress us to stop stressing us in my podcast episode how to elimniate your stress triggers.

But, that’s not all you can do when it comes to...

Mar 13, 2015

What are your deepest darkest fears?

  • to have a life-threatening accident?
  • fear of death or dying?
  • to risk losing use of your arms / legs / eyes etc?

What if it were possible to find out what it's like to experience all of those? And what if you actually found out that they're not as bad as you might imagine? Well,...

Mar 6, 2015

Pregnancy, while a beautiful and wonderful thing, can also be hugely stressful. It's a time of massive change, both pysically and emotionally. If it's your first pregnancy, then your life is about to change forever. Not only will you trying to prepare mentally for something which is impossible to prepare for, but you...